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  • Don Quixote (दॉन् कीहोते), the grand finale of this dance festival was very well-appreciated by the audience.


An a la mode Music-Dance-Theater Production 

by Sahrdaya Foundation of Chennai (India)

based on the 17th century Spanish novel, that fluently crisscrossed the Spanish and Indian cultures, Sahrdaya Foundation's Don Quixote will be etched in the memory of the Nrityotsav 2015 attendees for a long time.


Choreographed and Directed by Sheejith Krishna

Scripted for Theater Adaptation by Akhila Ramnarayan

Stay tuned for more pictures of Nrityotsav 2015!

Don Quixote - Picture gallery

Don Quixote - At a glance

Thank you for attending Nrityotsav 2015 in large numbers.

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