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Nrityotsav 2014 (November 8, 2014)

  • 'Nrityotsav 2014' was an aesthetic feast par excellence never seen before by New England. Two dance troupes of 15 top-notch artists from India and five troupes of over 60 local dancers mesmerized the spectators with their performances in Kathak, Kathakali, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, and Odissi styles.


  • Master Kathakali  performers from Kerala's famous 'Kathakali School ' showcased dance drama 'Prahlada Charitam '. Not only did they keep the audience glued to their seats throughout their performance, but had also allowed curious lovers of dance to visit the greenroom to watch the Chouttikkaran (make-up artist for Kathakali ) make the characters of the dance drama ready.


  • The grand finale of this dance festival was 'KathakiTathom - The Rhythm of Nirvana ' performed by the 'Abhinava Dance Company ' of BengaLuru (India). This performance led by the Kathak - duo Nirupama and Rajendra and assisted by 8 other dancers of the troupe took the audience to another world.

  • 'Rasarang School of Performing Arts' presented its highly acclaimed dance drama in Sanskrit 'Abhignana Shakuntalam ' in association with Eastern Rhythms, Natya Vidyalaya, and Nritya Anjali School of Dance.


  • A host of dance academies of New England presented 'Shree VarNam ', a dance drama depicting the confluence of grace and power of a woman. The participating schools were; Triveni School of Dance, Upasana, Noopur Dance Academy, Lasya School of Dance, Natyanjali, Anvita Natyalaya, and Sri Kuchipudi Natyalaya.

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