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Don Quixote: Four Hundred Years Young

Classics astound me. They transcend time and space, transform outlooks and cultures, and transport the readers into a world of beauty and contemplation. But, what makes for this unique nature of a classic? Many can tell an engaging tale, but few can make each sentence, each word contain a world of meaning; and fewer can write stories that remain relevant through ages and across continents. There is nothing arbitrary about these texts. Each inflexion, each turn in the road is put there to help the readers take delight and ponder. One can derive context and meaning from these classics without needing to know its original intent. That is the supreme skill of writers like Cervantes.

Celebrating the 400th anniversary of Don Quixote is both an honor and a daunting undertaking for Nrityotsav 2015. A festival committed to upholding the traditional while infusing new ideas that gives way to innovation in its richest sense. Under Sheejith Krishna’s masterful eye, chivalry and madness are brought to life in a windmill chasing, damsel rescuing, and slave freeing epic ballad.

What is different about our homage to this 17th century Spanish novel? Afterall, the entire world is celebrating this epic. in 1605, the continent of Europe was poised for the Baroque age with scientific revolution in the middle of renaissance. In this golden age cerebral art was recognized and promoted. Social norms and political decisions were constantly questioned, and, most poignant is the anticipation of the 30 years war. Alliances were formed and broken. Countries' boundaries were redrawn and Europe had transformed by 1615, when Cervantes brought out the second part of his gripping tale.

Map that to the changes in modern India seen in the last decade and you will not find a more fitting statement of time and place. See this unique production for yourself and engage your intellect in deciphering the context and the statement in Sahrdaya Foundation’s epic creation.

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