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Nrityotsav 2015 Classical Dance Competition Terms and Conditions:


1. Categories and Age Range:


a) Categories for the dance competion are:

Solo Junior: 10-13 years old

Solo Youth: 14-17 years old

Solo Senior: 18 years and above

Group (5-12 dancers): 12 years and above


b) Contestants must abide by the age range specified and satisfy the age criteria as of September 7, 2015.


c) Contestants may register either for ONE solo category or ONE group category only, but NOT FOR MULTIPLE categories.


d) For registering in the group category, the group must be comprised of at least 5 contestants, but not more than 12 contestants.


2. Awards: The awards for the winner of each category are as given below:


Solo Junior: $350


Solo Youth:  $500


Solo Senior: $750


Group:         $750


**Please note that if there are more than one winner in a category, the award will be equally divided among such winners.


3. Registration:


a) Registration entitles the contestant to one General ticket to all stage performances and any lecture-demonstrations organized as part of Nrityotsav 2015 event. The non-refundable registration fees are as given below.


$50 each for any Solo dance category


$250 for Group of 5

$300 for Group of 6

$345 for Group of 7

$385 for Group of 8

$420 for Group of 9

$450 for Group of 10

$475 for Group of 11

$495 for Group of 12


b) Contestants must submit accurately completed registration forms by Tuesday, September 1 2015.


c) Contestants must submit a good quality, full-length video (up to 8 min. max.) in the selected genre for audition. The video need not be necessarily be a stage performance. It can be a home-made video as well.


d) The genre must be one of the Indian classical forms mentioned below:

Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniattam, or Odissi.


e) Contestants must be active dance students, and not dance teachers.


f) The contestant must NOT be one of the organizers of Nrityotsav 2015 event or the organizer's family member.


g) Registration will be considered incomplete unless both an audition video and a non-refundable entry fee are received.


h) The organizers of Nrityotsav 2015 event reserve the right to reject applications that do not meet the selection criteria.


4. Auditions:


a) The audition board will comprise of dance teachers from around the United States.


b) There will be two rounds of audition. Results of each round will be communicated to the contestants of that round as soon as the results are available. The audition board's decision will be final.


c) The first round will be conducted based on the videos submitted by contestants at the time of registration.


d) If needed, the contestants may be asked to appear for the second round in person. Contestants will bear their own expenses for this.


e) Contestants who could not make it through the second round may have an opportunity to group together to present ONE exhibition group dance. This group dance will not be part of any competition. It must be in any Indian classical dance forms mentioned above and must be up to 8 min. max. All rules mentioned under 'Audio and Other Stage Equipment' are applicable also for the exhibition group dance.


5. Final Round:


a) Finalists will perform on stage at the Nrityotsav 2015 event.


b) The total duration of performance at the final round should NOT exceed 8 min.


c) Finalists will bear their own travel expenses to appear for the final round.


d) The number of finalists in each category will depend on the number of registrations received for that category, but will NOT exceed 5 solo finalists in each category and 5 group finalists.


e) The final round must use recorded music only.


f) Participants must check-in backstage, ready to perform, at least 20 minutes before their given timeslot.


g) The final round will be judged by a panel comprising of visiting artists and eminent dance teachers from the US. The judges' decision will be final.


6. Audio and Other Stage Equipment:


a) Tracks for the finals must be submitted by September 25, 2015 at the latest. Those submitted after that date will not be accepted.


b) Contestants must also bring backup music labeled with their name.


c) Audio will NOT be actively shared with people NOT involved with Nrityotsav 2015 event.


d) The contestants cannot use any special effects including, and not limited to, dry ice, disco balls, special lighting.


e) The contestants cannot use any material that requires clean up, including and not limited to, confetti, grains, sparkles, and small, breakable objects.


f) The contestants can use small props that they can set up and remove themselves. Heavy or bulky props, such as backdrops or screens, will not be allowed.


g) Only the contestants are allowed on stage to set up and clear props.


h) Contestants must send in a list of props with their dimensions and pictures (if applicable) by September 10, 2015.


i) Any prop that is not cleared beforehand will be disallowed.


j) Contestants are responsible for the audio and props required for their performance. Organizers will not take any responsibility for setting up, clearing, or safeguarding these items.

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