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Nrityotsav 2015: A Slice of Dance Heaven, this Saturday

Unfolding the doors of perception

I step into the core of my being

Transforming the moment

From mundane to the divine

And along I shall take you

To Shiva’s realm of rhythm and love

Nrityotsav, a bridge to cosmic delight

Awaits you at the threshold of light

With Sattriya celestials of Assam

Sujata’s Odissi apsaras

And the lyrical comedians of Chennai

Playing 'Don Quixote' sublime

Smile, laugh and bask in bliss

Sway in joy and fly in romance

Melodious music and soaring dance

At Regis College this Saturday

Timeless stories for your immortal heart

A slice of heaven to immerse all day

Nrityotsav 2015 ~ Boston Indian Classical Dance Festival

Date: Saturday, October 10, 2015 10am-8pm Location: Casey Theater at Regis College of Fine Arts, Weston MA

For more Information, E-mail:

Tickets and more info. at

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